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Photography is all about capturing that essence of the moment, the movement, the story and the emotion.  I'm a photographer who loves the roots of this art, I adore using film (and especially vintage cameras, my collection is getting out of hand) and I am determined to maintain that raw, organic look across my work.

I offer mentoring and presets to other photographers alongside my photography work- the presets have been created from my own work to help recreate the softness, the tones and the feel that you can see.

You'll find that I am not the usual kind of photographer.  I will  create out of the moment, I very rarely pose people and instead I will prompt you which allows me to catch the most natural, wonderful moments-  Every family that I work with is so different and so must every session be.  During our time together I'l be getting to know you, understanding what is important to you and creating some truly beautiful photographs for you to cherish.


I've been beyond lucky to not only find something that I adore but also I get to do it as my job.  I've won awards, been published in print and online by some big brands, blogs and magazines and I can honestly say that I have loved every bit of it. 


I really do mean it when I say that I look forward to getting to know you and creating some art together.




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Now that I have you
I will not forget
What a miracle you are
No childish expectation
Love is not the answer
But the line that marks the start

Laura Marling


Laura Parkin 

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