The Best Kind of Family Photo

What is the best kind of family portrait?

The one where you are dressed in your prettiest clothes, fixed smiles and plain backdrops?

Or the one where you are stark-bollock naked in the house you have lovingly restored, your children are laughing and splashing around in the bath and you are surrounded by your jungle?

I adore taking family photos. Although admittedly taking our own is a mix of hilarity as the toddler/child undoubtedly splashes/pokes/screams/giggles/babbles/talks about poo, stress because we have a 1 minute slot before everyone is bored/cold/hungry and finally I spend half of the time praying that my very expensive camera won't hurtle to the floor from being balanced on the top of the towel rail/wall/staircase.

Its a lovely memory though, and that I think is key to a good family photo. There are so many key factors to taking a good photograph, but to capture a good photo then heart of it, the very core of it, needs to be there otherwise it is just an emotionless pile of pixels.

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