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How to Work From Home Without Ignoring Your Kids

Quarentine has taught me a few things. I bake when I am stressed. I need quiet to focus on work (ha!). My 2 year old wants me nearby at all times. There is no right time to go to the toilet- they will always know and follow you. How to work from home under extreme whining conditions.

"I NEED to do this work now. This order needs to happen today and I am behind with this gallery."

Is met with

"I am in a meeting from 10-12"

Unfortunately with two of us trying to work it became a bit of a battle of 'whose work is more important' with me losing out because I am my own boss. So trying to juggle entertainment, education and work really took its toll and I ended up either ignoring the kids or not being able to work at all.

So my strategy is two fold- I now work when I can, snippets here and there, if I am halfway through something and have to stop I make notes about when I am and what needs doing next (I am a great list maker). I put that multitasking skill to good use, replying to every 'mummmmmmmy' that I can (although admittedly a few slip through). My eldest is now at an age where she understands that she has to wait for things sometimes so I have also started setting a timer for 20 minutes if she wants me to play- its genius (I can't take credit though unfortunately) and amazing just how much I can get done in 20 minutes, whether it is work work or house work!

We also use a timer on her screen time- her kindle has an option where you can set an amount of time before it stops working. Frustrating when she is in the middle of watching something but it actually doesn't result in a tantrum which is nice.

Our littlest still naps which has been a lifesaver so combining the kindle for Rose and the nap for Kit gives me a good chunk of time to get things done- if you are lucky enough to have this time still you will know what I mean!

We discovered that getting up EARLY early means that we can get much more done aswell. the work that needs more focus is best done at this time.

Have snacks prepared for the day. The it is just a case of reaching in the fridge and grabbing them. If kids are older (and less likely to wolf them all down in one sitting) then trying setting up a drinks/snack station for them.

Relax screen time rules- it used to be one hour. Now it is 3? I refuse to feel guilty about this.

What I do expect and greatly appreciate though is understanding from businesses and customers alike- I am lucky to have the most wonderful customers, they have waited a little longer than usual for products due to editing time with little people running around demanding snacks and print companies being closed due to the virus. Businesses need to understand that their employees are coping with children who must and will always come first.

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maternity, family, baby, newborn, child, photography, cheltenham, gloucester, gloucestershire, cotswolds, oxford, swindon
maternity, family, baby, newborn, child, photography, cheltenham, gloucester, gloucestershire, cotswolds, oxford, swindon