5 Ways for You To Help Your Favourite Local Businesses (Without Leaving Your Home)

1) Firstly, I feel this might be an obvious one but I'm going to make it number 1 anyway... DON'T LEAVE YOUR HOME. One quick walk in your local area then back to quarantine I'm afraid. This is your biggest responsibility right now.

2) Leave Google Reviews. Facebook is great for reviewing but to really show your support then google ones are like gold. No only do people forget about doing them so often they look quite sparse, but they actually help that businesses ranking on google.

3). Book them/buy from them. If you were planning on using them in the future then now is the best time because trust me, despite the government's help there are many self employed people who are really struggling to keep their business going so if you were going to anyway please do get in touch- they may even do gift certificates that you can purchase for a future date.

4). Tell your friends. The best kind of referral is word of mouth. Not only is it free for businesses, it's also a really positive way of marketing (I believe about twice as effective as other forms), you trust your friend's and their opinions, right? There is more weight behind their recommendations than a random leaflet posted through your door.

5) Like/comment/share and interact with their social media posts. I often say that sometimes its like shouting into a great abyss when trying to interact with people on social media. You can see how many people have seen your posts compared to how many have liked it, which can be frustrating and a little disheartening at times. Facebook in particular is really good at hiding posts, and instagram has to be timed well to have an impact (usually around 7.30am on weekdays but currently with lockdown it's anyone's guess!). So if you are scrolling down and see a brand that you like, just give them a quick like, because then that post will be shown to more people and your favourite business will be helped just that little bit more in this crazy time.

To all my loyal, lovely, wonderful customers out there- thankyou! I can't wait to be back at work really soon.


Due to COVID-19 Restrictions I am currently not taking any bookings until June 2020. You are still able to book in for sessions later in the year.  For any enquiries contact me via email laura@rosephoto.co.uk

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maternity, family, baby, newborn, child, photography, cheltenham, gloucester, gloucestershire, cotswolds, oxford, swindon
maternity, family, baby, newborn, child, photography, cheltenham, gloucester, gloucestershire, cotswolds, oxford, swindon