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5 Reasons Not to Book a Newborn Shoot

These are real reason I have heard from people.

1. Newborn photography is cheesy and will look outdated in a few years.

Are they? Are they reeeeaaaaally? I like to think that my minimalistic photos are far from cheesy. I use barely any props/outfits and the babies are kept in a timeless white vest or swaddle.

And in all honestly? They are photos of YOUR baby. At the end of the day who cares if they look outdated when you look at those squishy bottoms, tiny toes and beautiful lips.

Natural newborn photography in the Cotswolds

2. I can take my own photos/My Iphone has a really good camera on it.

You are absolutely right. We are currently renovating our house and I can do my own plastering- I definitely don't need to hire a professional (sarcasm people, its hard to convey over a blog). Can you IMAGINE how the plastering would turn out?

There is a reason that you hire a professional whether it is a plasterer, dentist, artist, web designer or photographer. Trust me. We are skilled, we are trained, we know what looks good, we know what current trends are happening because we spend our lives researching, following, training, reading and breathing our trade.

And on a slightly more serious note- newborn safety. The poses that newborns are put into require training. I am constantly aware of baby's breathing, skin colour and position whilst posing. It is scarily easy to think you can do a DIY newborn shoot but please, please don't.

Maternity photography session overlooking the Cotswolds

3. I hate having my photo taken

Me too (seriously, I get camera-eye... one goes bigger than the other. Plus I hate my nose. My hair never looks right.). So I don't look at the camera in most photos and suddenly I love the photos. Natural, fun loving, playful photos of me and the kids. I would HATE them to not have any photos of us when they are older. Photos are the most precious items we own. Do not let the way you look be an excuse not to have them taken.

Yup- wrinkles, silly grins and all- I NEEDED this photo in my life. I'm sure Rose will treasure it as much as I do.

4. It's too expensive

There are photographers for all budgets. I highly recommend saving for they one who makes you heart sing, the one you are desperate to book (also, in all honesty I have found the the veeeeeeeery budget ones often have less experience/training so you might want to check this with them, they should be happy to answer any questions).

I have also started offering a payment plan. The session fee (deposit) of £100 is paid at the time of booking, which can be months in advance. After the photo shoot the remainder can be split into 3 monthly payments (50%, 25% and 25%).

Ask me about my payment plans, I can't have you missing out on this...

5. I'm not ready to leave the house yet/ I've missed the newborn phase.

I split my babies in newborns and older babies. The cutoff for newborns is around the 3 week mark but to be honest if you are wanting a newborn session and feel its too late I will try up to around 5 weeks, even then sometime it is still possible. It all depends of you baby- just as no person is the same, no baby is the same.

You'll find when you meet me that I am incredibly laid back. If you would rather have a lifestyle shoot at home then lets go for it!

An older baby- full of smiles, giggles but still retaining that tiny baby appearnce.

Honestly, you will not regret hiring a professional photographer to capture those first couple of weeks with your tiny baby. This is time that you CANNOT get back and by comparison spending the same amount of money on that or on a new phone... which is more important?

Reserve Your Newborn Session Today

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maternity, family, baby, newborn, child, photography, cheltenham, gloucester, gloucestershire, cotswolds, oxford, swindon
maternity, family, baby, newborn, child, photography, cheltenham, gloucester, gloucestershire, cotswolds, oxford, swindon