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The Studio, Cheltenham & Cotswolds Natural Light Photography Studio

I love my studio. I love it so much, it is my happy place and my pride & joy- white, minimalistic and (I think pinterest-worthy, after all- isn't that what we all aspire to these days?) light with the purest, softest and most flattering natural light.

I'm not a fan of studio lighting- I dabbled a few years ago but I would rather work harder to get things right and keep it natural that the ease of studio lighting. Also my studio is only 2mx5m...where would I put the lights?! And a good lighting expert/photographer uses studio lights with the intention of making it look like natural light, so why not just use the big beautiful window? I can't even have fake flowers in the house, it feels like cheating and I like the real things. Now shush Laura, enough about light.

I recently had a big clear out of props- over the past 5 years I have collected all sorts in the way of props- buckets, bowls, baskets, wraps, blankets, headbands, bonnets... the list continues. So now unless it is neutral (white, grey, a splash of cream and a teensy bit of brown) it doesn't go in the studio. Neutrals are your friends. Imagine a big, beautiful photo of your child wrapped in white, lying on white- simple, minimal and they are the sole focus because of this. These images are timeless- it goes with the decor in any room, any house and any other photo you put it with.

My coffee machine. The life's blood of my new, first time parents (second/third timers already haven't slept for several years, they run on the adrenaline of their toddlers and trying to stop them injuring themselves every 5 minutes so aren't as reliant on caffeine). Before this was in here I was going back and forth making hot drinks through two sets of patio doors so this saves me juggling hot drinks!

Shooting in a small space and with neutrals has kept my creativity going- I have to think about light, angles and using what is available to me- not always easy but it does mean that my work is more recognisable, unique and a mixture of studio-meets-lifestyle (what I’m aiming for).

The toys are kept to the minimal, wooden and least offensive possible. Classic ones that again won't go out of fashion and suit every style, every image and yet the babies still love (don't get me started on the horrific, plastic, flashing nightmares of Chad Valley!).

I've added a recent video to this post- I've plastered it everywhere actually but it is so fun and shows exactly what a shoot in the studio is like so enjoy!

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Studio sessions will resume from 02.12.20 following government guidelines.

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maternity, family, baby, newborn, child, photography, cheltenham, gloucester, gloucestershire, cotswolds, oxford, swindon
maternity, family, baby, newborn, child, photography, cheltenham, gloucester, gloucestershire, cotswolds, oxford, swindon