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How to Timelessly Style Your Family's Photoshoot

I have a very definitive style- relaxed, boho, natural and floaty. Because of this there are certain style that I love my clients to be dressed in, I want you to be comfortable, but I also don't want to style you in a way that just isn't you.

This is why before a session with me I'll make a few gentle suggestions- neutral colours, no large logos, only sentimental jewellery (i.e. weddling/engagement rings or a piece that if taken off you feel uncomfortable without!... I've had numerous people have 10 year old rubber bracelets on that are so old that they are now part of them, this isn't a bad thing however!).

The Colours...

It is always best to try to coordinate with each other. This doesn't mean all necessarily wearing exactly the same thing but if you imagine your family as a group- all these colours your wear should compliment each other. Here is a great website to give you a hand with this https://coolors.co/. One or two colours that compliment each other or different shades of the same colour can look lovely, or if you do all decide on the same colour then try different styles of clothes (see photo below).

Monotones- greys and whites work really well together in most settings.

Browns and neutrals- my favourites after deep rusts and dark blues and greens, (imagine autumn!).

The Materials...

As I previously mentioned, jeans and denim are so timeless and can be put with most things (however please no denim on denim B*witched throwbacks).

Kids in denim dungarees make me so happy!

Cotton, linen dresses and shirts are a good shout and personally anything with lace I LOVE!


If you are having a maternity shoot I also recommend something tight fitting so we don't lose your beautiful bump and all that fabric. Black is good to avoid (it is GREAT for profiles of your bump however it can be more limiting) but dark, rusty colours look stunning (especially for golden hour shoots).

I have a lot of dresses in the studio for maternity shoots so don't worry too much.


Don't worry about dressing your baby either, with newborns I almost exclusively wrap them or photograph them naked for those cute squishy rolls. If there are special items you'd like photographs them in however please do bring them.

When it comes to sitters and toddlers I love really simple items- white dresses, rompers, anything knitted in a muted tone... I have a few in the studio that I keep to hand that look absolutely gorgeous. I'm not a huge fan of big headbands or anything that can easily date you photos- I want them to look timeless and classy for a really long time! The simpler the better!

Whatever you decide to wear- just make sure YOU feel comfortable.

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maternity, family, baby, newborn, child, photography, cheltenham, gloucester, gloucestershire, cotswolds, oxford, swindon
maternity, family, baby, newborn, child, photography, cheltenham, gloucester, gloucestershire, cotswolds, oxford, swindon